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What is Dai (DAI) and how this cryptocurrency work?

Dai is the first decentralized stable cryptocurrency with collateral. DAI is an ERC-20 token that tries to maintain a stable value of 1:1 with the US dollar.

British taxpayers are investigating an NFT fraud

It is no news that money laundering stories are linked to digital assets, especially NFTs, but the news is that UK tax collectors have seized digital tokens as part of a tax fraud investigation.

NFT Biggest Secret: Who loves NFT?

Many NFTs are sold with the implicit promise of being an investment - those offered by Legend or Coachella are presented as souvenirs...

Intel to Produce ‘Blockchain Accelerator’ Chips

It's been known for a while, but Intel confirmed it today in a press release: Intel is investing in blockchain technology and will release a processor developed exclusively for efficient job management. And it does...

Indie Marketplace Cracks Down on NFTs

The operators of the games distribution platform recently described the NFTs behind blockchains as pure fraud via Twitter. 

Is the cryptoverse finnaly over?

The movement of the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies is impossible to predict, but investors are satisfied that the decline has stopped.

The first concept of the digital dollar

In cooperation with the US Federal Reserve and MIT University, a digital currency project was created under the control of the central bank.

What is a blockchain and what is it used for?

Blockchain as a technology - no person or legal entity has control over the data kept in the records of that general ledger...

He sold NFT of plastic garbage cans

An American nicknamed Robness posted the photo on the SuperRare platform, but it was quickly removed because it was not considered art, only to be eventually returned and NFT trash cans sold for $ 252,000.