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Realme GT Neo 2 Review: Everything in NEO

GT Neo 2 arrives with a 6.62-inch AMOLED screen. Standard FHD + resolution that gives 398 pixels per inch, refresh rate 120 Hz, HDR10 + support.

Gigabyte with BIOS update for “upcoming CPU”

Gigabyte has made a BIOS update for mainboards of the 400 and 500 series available for download - "for upcoming new CPU support". 

Elden ring sets new player record on Steam

From Software's Elden Ring was released on February 25th, and now the open-world role-playing game has reached a new player record on Steam.

TCL 30 5G brings the fastest data and AMOLED

TCL opened the Barcelona trade expo MWC 2022 by introducing a range of new items from the 30 series. The manufacturer attempts to deliver sophisticated technology at an affordable price. We observed a phone with...

LINUX: Google has doubled the awards

Google has raised the prize fund for Linux Kernel, Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and kCTF vulnerability reports. These are additional incentive bonuses tied to "zero-day" defects and exploits of various kinds via novel ways. "We...

Pixelmon: a new shadow over NFTs

For Minecraft and/or Pokémon fans, talking about Pixelmon is frankly gratifying, because until now, we were talking about a Minecraft map in which an open world is proposed in which aspiring trainers can become with...

iPhone 15: farewell to the notch?

More and more people are claiming that the iPhone 15, which will be unveiled in September 2023, will be the final goodbye to the notch, the more-than-typical notch that has accompanied Apple smartphones since the...

JL Audio Gotham V2: Subwoofer Review

The God of Thunder - When most people think of a top system, they think of the bass. People enjoy bass. We've all had that reassuring, soothing gut feeling during a live concert. To be...

“Apollo” Headphones: Top Technology, Cheaper Price

The latest headphones from Sendy Audio are named after Apollo, the god of music, spring, and sunlight. The Apollo is Sendy Audio's most cheap open-back magnetostatic headphone model, and it seeks to make high-quality headphones...