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Load times in games: Performance test

Using an SSD can significantly reduce game load times. It's a subject we've discussed before, and to which we dedicated a basic but informative post at the time, explaining how an SSD affects gaming performance....

Micron discontinues Ballistix gaming memory

DDR5 RAM already exists, but since it is only supported by Intel's Alder Lake, DDR4 is still relevant for the market. Most enthusiasts decide between two.

Which external drive to choose for data storage?

Are you undecided on which external drive to purchase? We recommend the best portable drives, including SSDs that are extremely fast and HDDs that are extremely large. It's great for backups as well as storing...

Kingston KC2500 2 TB – Ultimate flexibility

Kingston’s high-end offering comprises the KC2500 series NVMe PCie 3.0 M.2 SSD, which are upgraded from the original KC2000 series.

Toshiba aims to deliver 30TB hard drives by 2023

But in terms of capacity, HDDs still rule. To that end, Toshiba is preparing some major upgrades to HDD storage capacity in the near future.

Backblaze: Hard drive failure rates for 2021

Backblaze has been posting various statistics reports and information based on the hard drives in its data center over the previous few months and years to provide us a little perspective on the resistance of...

Corsair MP600 PRO LPX, new high-performance SSD

Corsair MP600 PRO LPX, a new generation of high-performance SSD storage units tailored for PS5, as well as any PC with an M.2 port. This slot must be compatible with the PCIE Gen4 x4 standard...

Seagate began shipping 22TB drives – SMR technology

SMR technology has been criticized in the past, with manufacturers not informing customers about its use on their drives.This time the situation is different, according to Seagate, the new models are intended only for certain...

Project Nighthawk and Blackbird – Super-fast SSDs

With their newest PCIe Gen5x 4 SSDs and DDR5 DRAMs, XPG and ADATA brought gamers and other consumers to next-generation performance. Visitors got their first look at the XPG LANCER RGB DDR5 and CASTER RGB...