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The ROG Fusion II 500 has been redesigned

You can use it with consoles, computers and mobile devices. Besides the cables, there is an additional set of ear pads in the box, which is factory installed.

Logitech POP Mouse – Dare more color

Don't like grey-black office furniture? The Logitech POP Mouse adds a splash of color and emotion to the workplace. While most workplace mice make themselves at home in the drab gray and staid office corner,...

AOC AG254FG: For speed in competitive games

The AOC AGON PRO AG254FG is one of the top performance gaming monitors sold by the Taiwanese manufacturer under the premium brand name 'AGON.' It is designed specifically for use in electronic sports with competitive...

Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents Review

We all like to personalize our computers and give them a one-of-a-kind look, and with the new Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents, we'll be able to do it much more easily. This new product from the...

HP Envy Inspire, printers for the smart home

At a time when work, family, and play are still very much in the house, HP has announced its new HP Envy Inspire printers, which are ideal allies for productivity, learning, and memory creation. And...

Philips 242B1G – energy efficient monitor

Product family B is distinguished by energy efficiency, owing primarily to power supply circuits designed with optimal efficiency in mind, as well as LED backlight technology, which allows you to obtain the appropriate brightness while...

Now also Nvidia with a special Geforce keycap

Keycaps with graphics card motifs seem to be becoming more and more fashionable. After Asus, Nvidia is now also introducing a keycap for mechanical keyboards.

Cooler Master GP27-FUS and GP27-FQS

With the GP27-FUS and the GP27-FQS, Cooler Master has presented two monitors that combine IPS technology with mini-LED backlighting.

BlitzWolf BW-KB2: Cheap opto-mechanical keyboard

Keyboards with optical-mechanical switches are a relatively new phenomenon. Furthermore, such solutions are only available in the upper price range. In the budget group, we typically find just classic mechanics; the popularity of less expensive...